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Croydon residents said NO to 2011 parking plans

Croydon residents said NO to 2011 parking plans

What happened

Unfair parking plans

Croydon Council Traffic Management Cabinet Committee (TMCC)  spectacularly climbed down from the original 8am-Midnight 7 days a week parking restrictions for the Controlled Parking Zones in Croydon.

The TMCC had decided to take forward the recommendation of implementing the draconian proposals in the North part of the North Zone. This decision was taken on the basis that, apparently, only 44 people objected in the roads affected so, according to the Council, this meant the residents DID want the changes.

We did not agree. There was a petition from this area with over 200 signatories but that was not counted. From door-to-door canvassing of our fellow residents, we found that many did not know about the proposals or had objected, but their objection had not appeared to have been counted by the council. The Cabinet refused to answer how many people voted in favour of the changes so we can only conject that it may have been an embarrassingly small number. As well as the residents in the surrounding roads, this would have directly affected everyone in the borough who wished to visit Croydon University Hospital.

In 2002 the Council tried to bring in similar plans for parking. Together as a community we banded together and were able to stop them bringing in restrictive parking for most zones. We succeeded again in 2011.

It is important to note that this website,, and its community are not affiliated to any political party or Croydon Council itself but we do encourage elected members of the council and council staff to join in the debates. This isn’t about party politics at all, it’s about the residents of Croydon getting a fair hearing.


What you did

Fought back in the North Zone!

Croydon Councils idea of consultationThere was a Public Meeting on Saturday 26th February 2011 at The Oshwal Centre in Campbell Road for affected North Zone Residents to have their say about the Council’s plans to impose new parking hours of 8am to midnight, 7 days a week.

Over 120 affected people, some local Councillors and MP Malcolm Wicks were in attendance. No Council staff attended. Residents, businesses and community groups were wholly against the plans and let their elected representatives know how this would affect them, calling on them to continue to make strong representations to the Council to drop this proposal in their area.

We did not believe this should have been allowed to go to further consultation wasting even more taxpayers’ money - there was more than enough evidence that this proposal was NOT supported by those affected.

So we kept complaining and protesting at the council meetings and residents kept writing letters of complaint and eventually the council conceded that the residents really didn’t want these plans.