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About us

Who are we and what are we doing?

We are residents of the London Borough of Croydon and we are concerned about how the council we elected are running the borough for us - this is where we are expressing our feelings about how they are doing - especially with the residential parking plans.

CRAPPCroydon Residents Against Parking Plans (CRAPP) was set up as an informal collection of residential neighbours who were not happy about the parking plans the Council were attempting to impose on the residents of the borough - you can read more about how we tackled the Council last time in the history page.

It is important to note that this website,, and its community are not affiliated to any political party or Croydon Council itself but we do encourage elected members of the council and council staff to join in the debates. This isn’t about party politics at all, it’s about the residents of Croydon getting a fair hearing.