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North Zone battle pack

Posters and petition pack for the North CPZ where the campaign is still going on are now available as a pdf download. These can be put up in shop windows and house windows.
North Zone CPZ posters

We strongly recommend you write an individual letter to Jon Rouse, Chief Executive of the Council, to complain.

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First off here’s what not to do - Do NOT draw up a petition - it is a waste of your time.
It seems like a good idea but the Council will see each petition as only ONE objection no matter how many signatories you have on the petition, be it one or one million.

So here is what to do:

No time to write? Use our ready made letter, ensuring you add your own name and address (very important).
You have until the 4th of February to deliver your individual objections to the Council’s proposals.

Download a pdf letter - you can also print these off and pass to your neighbours.

Your name and address

Community Services Department
Parking Services
PO Box 1462

Dear Sir or Madam,
Ref: CS/PS/JAA/7/Z54

I oppose Croydon Council’s plans to extend the hours and days of the Croydon Controlled Parking Zone in our residential road from the present arrangements to 8am to midnight, seven days a week on the following grounds:

• The proposal is unfair, unreasonable and particularly discriminates against us as residents living within a Croydon Parking sub-zone.

• There are insufficient parking bays for the number of households requiring them. Decades of poor planning decisions by successive councils cannot change this and residents and their visitors have come to rely on using single yellow lines to park in the evenings and at weekends when they are mostly at home, trying to relax.

• Friends and families visiting us on Sundays and in the evenings will now have to pay to park in a bay – if they are fortunate enough to find one nearby. This will have a detrimental effect on our quality of life and ability to engage socially and to rest.

• Shopping habits since 2002, when similar changes were last proposed, have not caused more shoppers to try to park farther out in the outer parking sub-zones. Indeed the rise of Internet shopping and supermarket home deliveries provides strong evidence to suggest the opposite.

• There is no evidence to support the view that the lack of parking spaces is due to extra traffic - your own traffic department concur with this and, should you walk round the roads in question, you will see that the majority of vehicles in bays or on single yellow lines will have a resident’s parking permit.

• Expecting a small percentage of Croydon residents, their friends and families to help plug a Council revenue gap, when you will also increase a resident’s parking permit from £48 to £70 from April 2011, is also unfair and discriminatory and will cause hardship.

• Increasing the hours of operation of off street council run car parks to 24/7 will not help residents to park. Quite apart from the costs of parking, these few car parks are not within easy reach of most residents in the sub-zones and the security of residents, particularly women and children when making a long walk back in the evenings, will be at risk.

I therefore urge you to withdraw the proposal.

Yours faithfully,

Your name



You can borrow from our letter or write your own.

Put up a poster!

Download and print off and put one of our posters in your window to show the Council that you do care about where you can park in our streets.
Say NO to the extended residents street parking hours

Not a Parking Ticket

Download, print off and cut in half our for two A5 ‘Not a Parking Ticket’ Parking Tickets. People parking on single yellow lines in the CPZ after 5pm need to be told that the place they are currently parked in will not be available in the future.
Not a Parking Ticket