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Croydon Residents Against Parking Plans

CRAPPIn 2002 Croydon Council tried to impose a parking policy that would have been a nightmare for Croydon Residents. CRAPP was formed to combat this and, after a concerted effort, people power forced the Council to rethink its policy. 

What did we do?

Thousands of ready-made objection letters were delivered to affected homes - residents just had to add their own address, sign and send off, or modify the content to suit their own situation.

Residents contacted their local councillors and MPs to object, urging them to lobby appropriate committee members on their behalf and make their views known.

Local media were alerted to the story - BBC London TV sent a camera crew and aired a feature on our fight; residents spoke on local talk radio stations such as LBC; local newspapers printed photographs, articles and letters from residents.

CRAPP marchResidents made sure their immediate neighbours, friends and family were aware of the situation and urged them to object.

Leaflets were placed on cars parked on yellow lines or in bays without permits during the proposed hours of operation. This highlighted the fact that the vehicle would have received a fine or been towed away and reminded the vehicle owner to object.

We can do this again.

If all you can do is object - great!  If you are able to help in another way, just join the forum to contact us.